A Night On Planet Earth EP [vinyl only / printed sleeve]

Flavio Folco

Record label
Bleu Nuit
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 4th 2019


A1Cosmic GameFlavio Folco
A2The ScoreFlavio Folco
B1 Kept In MindFlavio Folco
B2The KnowledgeFlavio Folco

Bleu Nuit (BN) is glad to introduce you to its first release A Night On Planet Earth(BN01) by Barcelona-based Italian artist Flavio Folco. Known for his musical compositions on his late imprint Fresh Food (Napoli), among others, Flavio Folco has also made a name for himself as a DJ with multiple appearances alongside his friend Joseph Capriati. Whereas A Night On Planet Earth could have seen the light of the day in 2015, when LumieresLaNuit (LLN) got the demo through a friend, it's finally two years later that the four-tracks EP is finding his place on Bleu Nuit, and not just any as it is kicking this new project off and paving the way for other break & gangster beats. Cover printed on 350g/m2 uncoated blue paper, coated white inside. More info on www.electronlibremusic.com