Over By The Corner EP [vinyl only / blue vinyl]


Record label
Bleu Nuit
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 4th 2019


A1 Street Ain't Gonna Die For YouGhini-B
B2UK's MorningGhini-B

Bleu Nuit (BN) is glad to welcome back Ghini-B half of Nice-based duo Gabardines (BN02) and his Over By The Corner EP on the occasion of the fourth release of the label. With Over By The Corner, Ghini-B stays in line with Bleu Nuit's breakbeat and minimal musical identity. On the A-side, whereas Streets Ain't Gonna Die For You (A1) drives you with its twitchy rhythmics and voice samples, Buchholzweg (A2) unveils straightforwardbeats and a rough kick drum. On the B-side, MRLHT (B1) bears a similarity to the musical structure of both tracks of side A while introducing ethereal chords, whereas UK's Morning (B2) appears rather minimalist. Trans blue vinyl in a protective sleeves made from polyethylene. More info on www.electronlibremusic.com