Record label
Blackout Audio
Catalog Number
BOA 017
Release Date
December 3rd 2007



Its been eight releases since the phenomenal Lecken, Lecken which as luck would have it, appeared as BOA008. Now finally the wait is over with this incredible follow-up in the form of the BOA017 - Bock Auf Techno EP. This three-track innovator takes trademark German PK-Audio nastiness, strips it down and represents it in a completely new way that absolutely demolishes the floor. Tatwaffe (roughly translated as Murder Weapon) is the main track here and its the aggressive chutter-hats and monster kick that has them climbing the walls to escape the onslaught. But the real key is the shocking verbbreakdowns that pin you against the speakers and rob you of all your cash. Flip over and you get even more of the necksnapping hard stuff, first of all in the form of Uepollara (with its almost hypnotic loopiness) and finally with Bienenstich (translated as Bee-Stings). The ambush is relentless. A classic Blackout Audio release, this is legends Kraemer and Pogadl at their very best, remodeling their sound in preparation for a ruthless 2008, taking the genre ever-forward. If you have followed any of their productions over the years (Construct Rhythm/Jerk etc) youll know what these two warriors are capable of. As the EP name suggests Bock Auf Techno SUPPORT TECHNO!