From the Shadows Album Sampler

Black Sun Empire

Record label
Black Sun Empire
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 24th 2012


A1Transmissions remix Mindscape
B1Eraserremix Neonlight
C1Inpeakremix Telekinesis
D1Chaingangremix Jade

From The Shadows is Black Sun Empire's fifth studio album, the follow up to 2010's incredibly successful Lights & Wires, an album which showcased the Dutch trio's diversity and ability to bring a fresh take on all forms of bass music. Where Lights & Wires saw BSE experiment with tempo and genre, From The Shadows sees them offer a full commitment to their drum & bass roots. This is a high energy, high quality album packed with 170bpm+ beats, gut-wrenching basslines and, most importantly of all a decidedly exciting take on what has become an established dance music formula. As with previous albums Black Sun Empire has decided to release a sampler EP packed with fresh remixes of some of their biggest tracks. Here we have some huge reworkings from Mindscape, Jade, Neonlight and Telekinesis, all of whom deliver dark and dirty drum & bass sure to tear up dance floors.