Phatcap / Synergy Remixes

Cause 4 Concern

Record label
C4C Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 3rd 2008


A1Phatcapremix Phace
B1Synergyremix Black Sun Empire

Given the similarities in stylish substance between the two parties, it makes a whole lotta sense to have Phace remix C4C, and the proof is in the pudding. Applying the Phace phatness to Phatcap has created a chunky hunk of neurocrunk it is impossible not to feel. A combination of the best of both crews - face the phunk! SYNERGY BLACK SUN EMPIRE REMIX Through synthesis Black Sun Empire have infused Synergy with their space age slickness, and the result will delight both ends of the body: Heads cant help but notice just how polished shiny and fresh it sounds, while feet will find it impossible to refuse. Effortless. Effective. Exciting the Empire has delivered. DJ Support: Andy C, Friction, Hype, Bailey, Goldie, Gridlok, Fierce, Concord Dawn, Dieselboy, Zinc, Ed Rush, Bad Company, D Bridge plus many more