Men To Action EP

Greg Notill vs. Barbers & Slugos

Record label
Cannibal Society
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 7th 2011


A1Naked GirlsGreg Notill vs. Barbers5:40
A2Strange MelodyGreg Notill vs. Barbers5:22
B1Rythmic ToolGreg Notill vs. Slugos6:04
B2Under AttackGreg Notill vs. Slugos6:11

French hard techno king Greg Notill back in his favourite roll as king Cannibal! Teaming up with Barbers & Slugos he is ready to destroy some fresh meat. Leaving it half dead after he crushes your skull with his devastating bass drums. No need to boil, Greg loves his meat Raw to the bone.