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Various Artists Various Artist - Chilli Space 12

Chilli Space 12

  • Artist: Various Artists Various Artist
  • Format: 2x12"
  • Record Label: SKUC Ventilator 
  • Catalog#: CHILLISPACE12
  • Style: Electronic
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Release date: 22nd of April 2016
  • Price*: € 18.00
  • Availability*: Mail stock.

track listing on Chilli Space 12
pos artists track title
Total: 12 tracks
A1 Blaž Pavlica Master Patterner of Roke
A2 Dojaja Lonely Forest
A3 Ko0 Tal
B1 Deadline Concede
B2 iTurk Gray Man
B3 Balconia Q Somango
C1 Nitz Recycled
C2 Wichiwaka Xyzt
C3 Christian Kroupa First Ascent
D1 Timequake Junona
D2 Timo Chinala Bird Migration
D3 Electrosaurus Bedcluster
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