Black Lotus LP Sampler I

Mindscape & Hydro & Jade

Record label
Citrus Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 9th 2007


A1Black Lotus Mindscape & Jade & Hydro
B1Force BackMindscape

Towards the middle of the Year Mindscape will be dropping their Debut album on Citrus Recordings. These boyz have been producing actively in the Underground of the Hungarian Drum & bass scene.. With this First Sampler we just want to give a taste of what is about to come. Expect a wicked selection with diverse tracks, diverse styles,strong coops, and some killah remixes. Black Lotus is the Theme of the Album and is an interesting cooperation of artists.. The tune is very techno driven, with pumpin heavy weight beats, BIG driving basslines reminding us of those early BC flavors combined with melodic elements & techno stabs... Force back on the Flip just killz it... Stripped down to the bone, killa militant beats, minimal use of sound and a very heavy bassdrop.. For those who like the Quarantine sound.. Expect massive support on this release.....