Submit E.P.


Record label
Catalog Number
CLR 026
Release Date
May 1st 2009


B1So Long 46

Perc is back on CLR with one of the most unusual releases in the label's history. 'Submit' sounds like a successful union of Techno and Breakbeat. It has the haunting drive of Techno and the sonic rawness of DrumnBass. It builds up slowly and keeps surprising the listener over and over again. Chris Liebing has been playing the track since a few months and had many occasions to test its strong impact on the crowds in the clubs. Perc is in top form. In the two following tracks 'Trojan Bumble' and 'So Long 46' he continues with the creation of authentic and independent sonic environments. He shapes his beats and sounds with complete freedom and a little bit of healthy madness. CLR 26 is a definite winner in the clubs, best enjoyed on first class sound systems. Chris Liebing is exited to present the second CLR release by one of the most intriguing British technoartists of our time.