Red Chromosome

Alex Bau

Record label
Catalog Number
CLR 028
Release Date
September 11th 2009


A1Red Chromosome (Disaster Mix)
B1Red Chromosome (Flashback Mix)

For release 28, longtime CLR artist Alex Bau returns with two massive new tracks full of good ideas and positive energy. Chris Liebing had the pleasure to play out the 'Disaster Mix' for quite a while and to convince himself of the unexceptionally sensational crowd reaction. The rhythm is permanently varying, the atmosphere often changes immediately and the sounds come and go in surprising ways. The 'FlashbackMix' is wonderfully thrifty and has a powerful bass. Alex Bau once more shows versatility and dedication to experiment with rhythmic and sonic possibilities. The slow building and the subtle use of beat variations and breaks underline the almost mesmerizing effect of this outstanding groove. Obviously the tracks will be available on vinyl and digital with two additional tool versions. 'Tool 1' consists of the main sequence of the 'DisasterMix' with some effects and can be used for breakdown sections or on top of all kinds of tracks. 'Tool 2' is a stripped down version of the same mix with beat and can excellently be used for looping and mixing. Chris Liebing considers the CLR 28 the 'best Alex Bau release on CLR so far' and is already looking forward to your comments and critics.