Brian Sanhaji

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 17th 2008


A1Deus Ex Machina
B2Critical Mass
C2Autumnal Equinox
D2On THe Turn

On his debut album 'Stereotype', Brian Sanhaji invites us to a multi-layered sonic environment. Music you can feel as much as you can hear it, reduced to the absolute minimum. With regard to the arrangements and the choice of sounds, it is a surprising and creative record. The production is well balanced and crystal clear, with the exiting vibe of the early Techno days. Genuinely programmed beat sounds, innovative effects and the predominant use of analogue hardware synthesizers make this record a warm sounding, sonically outstanding piece of music. A stylistically versatile, entirely club oriented record with traces of Minimal, House and Dub, always true to its Techno origins. It contains several classic peaktime tracks, road tested in countless haunting live sets, as well as some unexpected exceptions. The unusual 'Save Me' is a perfect example of how Brian Sanhaji celebrates his other influences without watering down the dedicated Techno approach. Even in this slow, almost eleven minutes long track, he sticks to his sonic concept and masters to combine it with psychedelic and cinematic elements into an all the way pleasant journey. The clarity of sound on this record is remarkable, no wonder that the man with the sensitive ears does all the mastering for CLR and Spinclub Recordings. Friends of minimalist, gentle Techno with a personal edge will like this album. The bonus CD contains a complete DJ Mix of the album, as well as loops and tools for live acts, DJs and producers. 'Stereotypes are a generalization of characteristics; they reduce complexity. 'Which means that the album 'Stereotype' is basically everything that the name would NOT suggest. It is a complex, independent definition of a sound that keeps reinventing itself. A promising debut, created by a talented electronic musician we will hopefully hear much more of in the future.