Freezing Point / Backwards

Mindscape / Redeyes & Switch

Record label
Celsius Recordings
Catalog Number
CLS 003
Release Date
April 16th 2007


A1Freezing PointMindscape
B1BackwardsRedeyes & Switch

Celsius is proud to present Mindscape with a tune called Freezing Point. A combination of hard hittin beats, groovy subs and a dash of jazz really show the potential of these guys and their going for gold! A tune thats defiantly worth a spot on Celsius. The flip holds a collab by Dutch newcomer Switch and the freshest Frenchy around Redeyes. Backwards is a beautiful track that starts off with tight & crisp drum work that slowly progresses into a mixture of liquid funk and a bit of drumfunk, the lovely piano keys & funky bass line tops it off to make this a tune of sheer quality!