Elements - Part 1 [180 grams]

Various Artists

Record label
Cue Line Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 22nd 2018


A1GuidanceRDG & Cessman4:17
A2ManipulatedGaze Ill & 3WA4:39
B1ExistenceBinary & Zygos3:46
B2AkousmaMurk & Shiva feat. Rob5:30

Chapter four in the line of vinyl releases on Cue Line Records is also the beginning of something new. 'Elements Part 1' is the first piece in the Various Artists series on the label called 'Elements'. Driven by an urge to explore how elements can form something greater together, and the other way around, how anything can be broken into its elements, every single track on the V/A is by multiple artists. 100% collaborative content. RDG x Cessman, Gaze ill x 3WA, Binary x Zygos, Murk x Shiva ft. Rob. Nine minds, four tracks, one piece.