Brass Monkeys EP

Various Artists

Record label
Coin Operated Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 9th 2009


A1True G ManGrimjaw
A2Disco VibratorKanji Kinetic
B1Slam DatThe Squire Of Gothos

It never ceases to amuse us here in Veto central how many dull-ass tracks get commended as being peak-time anthems - well, maybe if you were peaking on herbal tea they would do the trick, but to be honest we think the bar has to be raised slightly, alongside overall energy levels. Coin Operated are currently one of only a few labels pimping a more energetic and intense sound. Admittedly some of their artists draw heavily from early-to-mid 90s rave (albeit with a much tighter noughties production ethic), but that hasnt stopped drumnbass & dubstep selling huge amounts of records with a similar sonic template! As we have come to expect, all four tracks on this compilation are big raving monsters. Kanji Kinetic & The Squire of Gothos (despite his improbable name) come out on top in the limitless energy stakes, but all four have that definite Coin Operated stamp of quality. Buy on sight!