Corporate Sales Pack: 61 / 62 / 63

Sandy Warez / Rowland the Bastard / Sebastian Prelar / Dj Bam Bam

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 23rd 2011


A1Pipe dreams Rowland the Bastard
A2Koochie hunters Rowland the Bastard
A3Lock 1 Rowland the Bastard
B1Comp final Rowland the Bastard
B2Hit up da stickRowland the Bastard
B3Lock 2 Rowland the Bastard
C1Against the facism Sandy Warez
C2Girls and boys Sandy Warez
D1Super cut from New York city Sandy Warez
D2Quadra Teknologie Sandy Warez
E1Bang that pussy Sebastian Prelar
E2There some hoes Sebastian Prelar
F1East coast funk Sebastian Prelar
F2East coast funk / Dj Bam Bam remixSebastian Prelar remix Dj Bam Bam

Corporate stand for : hard, dark, jackin techno! 3 wicked hardtechno release combined in one special limited sales pack. This is HARD techo to the bone, play out loud, but at your own risk!