An-Archon EP [printed sleeve / 180 grams / deluxe riso printed inserts]


Record label
Coum Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 19th 2018


A1Cirrosis MentalHΣRMΣS6:59
A2Cirrosis MentalHΣRMΣS remix Samuel Kerridge4:29
B1Ayer era la MuerteHΣRMΣS5:10
B2Ayer era la MuerteHΣRMΣS remix Caos + Inmediatismo5:50

A hiatus is always something needed to experience, silence is a process in which one can value and have a closer perspective within sound. An-Archon come to brake that silence, HERMES is on duties for it delivering two massive harsh noise weapons, Samuel Kerridge and Caos + Inmediatismo complete the EP on remixing labors. No one can escape from the An-Archon.