Dutty Audio SALESPACK incl. 27 / 13 / 11

Optiv & BTK / Maztek & more

Record label
Dutty Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 23rd 2018


A1Let It LooseOptiv & BTK remix Emperor
B1RuthlessBTK & Mindscape & Optiv
C1Do It Like ThisMindscape feat. Coppa
E1What We Bring feat. Nuclear MCMaztek

DAUDIO027V: The Duttyest of the dutty return with DAUDIO027, as BTK's Dutty Audio label continue to break new ground and release some of the hottest music on the neuro, and the wider drum & bass scene. This time around, label head BTK teams up with Optiv and Mindscape for two enormous tracks, Ruthless and Heads Above. Dutty have always been about standing out from the crowd, doing things a little bit different, and catering for those that love their music loud and hard. Both these tracks fit the core ethos of what Dutty is all about, and fans old and new are going to love them. Ed Rush 'These guys just keep on delivering. Bangers. Full support here :)' Enei 'great!' Loadstar 'tidy! always love optive and btk tracks' MC Coppa '50 Shades of Dope! Ruthless is badass' Dieselboy 'solid as fuck' Ruthless, a collab between the three producers, gets going without any hesitation. A fading vocal sample comes in and goes out in the intro, as the track builds itself up underneath. Get ready for the mental drop, as all three artists add something distinctive to the mix. Funky, hard driving drums stand firm, as the electronic bass hums along, creating a breakneck soundscape straight from the underground. Flashy samples are up next, as the pace is picked up and direction set fair for the future. BTK, Optiv and Mindscape bring the beats down, just to recharge them and let things loose again. On Heads Above, Optiv & BTK take over the production, with a sharp, metallic opening to the track. This is overlayed with warping bass sounds, and a ticking, headnodding beat. The comrades swap ideas, with elements of each other's sound obvious on the track. Always reaching forward, never looking back, Optiv & BTK know how to deliver the goods. Mob Tactics 'GUTTER!!!' Gremlinz 'Smashing it!' Foreign Concept 'Sounding good lads!' John B 'v nice indeed' Headed straight for a dancefloor near you, both Ruthless and Heads Above are great examples of the Dutty sound, and will appeal across the board. Make your next purchase DAUDIO027, you won't regret it. Support Includes: Loadstar, State of Mind, John B, Dieselboy, Doc Scott, Mob Tactics, Random Movement, Bowser, Ray Keith, Maztek, Grooverider, Borderline, Gremlinz, Serial Killaz, Trei, Foreign Concept, Dabs, Neon Lights, Ed Rush, Dose, Chris SU, Eastcolors, AMC, Mutated Forms, Mampi Swift, SIGNS, AK1200, Enei, Joe Ford, Basher, Skynet, Rene LaVice, Crissy Criss, Billian! --- DAUDIO013V: This is the one you've truly been waiting for. The Blend LP drops at the perfect time for the Dutty Audio camp, after a series of acclaimed singles and EPs and high profile bookings for label boss BTK and other Dutty artists. With a varied, vivid collection over 11 tracks, the album builds on, and expands Dutty's universe, delivering track after track of quality neuro- and tech-inspired music. Contributions come from veterans like Optiv & BTK and Maldini, and newer names like Level 2 and Cern. Expect heavy hitting sounds, blended with the finest production on display in the scene. The album is a trip, so get strapped in. The Blend title could not be more apt, as the album ranges from the old skool-tinged blasts of C.A.B.L.E's future classic Individual, to Cern's ominous Fourth State. There's heavyweight business like label boss BTK and Optiv's majestic Let It Loose, complete with live-sounding drums and sliding effects, and the usual insanity from Teddy Killerz in the shape of the mean, sinewy, but still musical Mock. --- DAUDIO011V: Maztek and BTK. More specifically, Maztek on Dutty Audio. Yes folks, it doesn't get any better than this. What We Bring (featuring Nuclear MC) / Caph is the latest release from Italian phenomenon Matteo Cavo, better known as Maztek. Since starting out at the age of just 13, Maztek has led a life filled with music, and has been creating electronic music since he was 18. He formed his own label in 2005, and has found success on a range of top international labels, including Basswerk, Future Signal and, most recently, Renegade Hardware. Along the way, he has collaborated with leading names like Aeph, Optiv, and Dabs. S.P.Y 'I will be playing this for sure big up! :-)' Nymfo 'Maztek is on a roll! another Beauty on Dutty Audio!' Chris SU 'Wicked release - supporting!' Now though, comes perhaps his shining moment, as he links up with Brazil's BTK, and his Dutty Audio imprint. Himself an esteemed producer, his label is gathering speed, whilst featuring his own material alongside selected friends and guest who have complimented the label's vibe. And vibes are all over What We Bring/Caph. The former is a deeply engrossing trip to the dark side. Maz and Nuclear are your guides, as you descend into the underworld, your way only lit by the track between your ears. Nuclear's rhymes are the perfect mix of dangerous and lyrical, and the track is a flowing, rolling blend of tech elements and rough, rugged basslines. Music for the clubs, and equally for heads to listen, learn and dissect, What We Bring is a statement of intent for both Maztek and Dutty Audio. Get yourselves around this one. Caph is a sound enthusiast's dream. Unifying music and sound design, every detail is thought about and adapted by Maztek's music genius. Slowly building up to an almighty crescendo, life after the drop is a hard, uphill struggle where you are assaulted by sonic lasers and some of the crunchiest bass out there at the moment. Working its way back, the track is lifted by some pulsing synth leads and slicing effects. The percussion is then brought in, before we're taken back to the military march of the intro. Maztek shows off his ability to build and destroy at the same time on What We Bring and Caph. The tracks have found a natural home on Dutty, and are set to rock the rest of your summer. Essential listening. Ulterior Motive 'Wicked stuff guys thanks' Fourward 'Great stuff' A-sides 'Cool vibes! Liking both sides of this one., Shall rep :)' Basher 'Pure sickness' DJ Support: S.P.Y, Black Sun Empire, Chris SU, Ulterior Motive, Hazard, Fourward, Smooth, AK1200, A-Sides, Doc Scott, Drumsound, Nymfo, Basher, Mob Tactics, Gremlinz, Zeds Dead, Task Horizon, AMC, The Risky, Optiv, Rregula, June Miller, Hammilton, Chef, Zardonic, No Money, Sixth Blade, Billain, CZA, Hybrid Minds, Ink, D Minds, 2shymc, Sudden Def & Rewind, Bass Tikal, Billian. Radio Support: 1Xtra, Bassdrive, Kool London, Ciut 89.5fm, Drum&Bass Arena Podcast, Rough Tempo, Distinct fm, Capital fm, SUB fm, Fokus fm California, DnB Radio, Origin fm, Pulse fm, Ugina Radio Bristol, Gloucester fm, German DnB radio and more.