Quantum Paradox

Teslasonic remix The Hacker

Record label
Dalmata Daniel
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 13th 2018


A1Quantum ParadoxTeslasonic5:40
A3Blitz CiphersTeslasonic3:26
B1Quantum ParadoxTeslasonic remix The Hacker7:11
B2Unified Field TheoryTeslasonic4:51

Dalmata Daniel continue their work with the 7th release in the main flow, and this time they assigned the new experiment to the Teslasonic lab. In this research, Teslasonic examined the case of 'Quantum Paradox' with the help of another well-known scientist: The Hacker. The code name of the project is DD007, in which Teslasonic, a citizen of the world, has invented certain new and useful tracks. These tracks are not just sounds, they also create visions, because while we're listening to 'Quantum Paradox' and 'Aether', we feel the energy of the melody, and in our minds, we travel with them through space and time to discover new things. Furthermore, through Blitz Ciphers' and Unified Field Theory's dark and raw electro sound, we find ourselves in the cold and sterile laboratory of the spaceship, where the miracle is born and science is cultivated. However, thanks to The Hacker, we get a new viewpoint, as in his remix, he re-examines the main theme and at the same time he invents something different - a perfect echo of the original 'Quantum Paradox'.