Dinner 03

Anton Pieete / Museum

Record label
Dinner records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 21st 2008


A1New Wave MothersAnton Pieete
B1We Deserve Our Own MoneyMuseum
B2We're Trying To Tell A Story HereMuseum

With there trademark gold-colored vinyl pressings and forward thinking sound - the Dinner label created a serious buzz amongst many serious players! The talented Anton Pieete finally receives the credits he deserves and many of his productions (and co-productions with for example Bart Skils) are charted by top jocks like Adam Bayer, 2000 and one and Shinedoe! Museum is a collab between Radial man Jeoen Liebregts and Anton. The boys spit super clean, hefty material and fuse dark offbeat with stripped down grooves. This is another showcase of topnotch productional craftsmanship! They do deserve there own money!