Warman / Homeground / Untitled

RoyGreen & Protone

Record label
Demand Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 6th 2015



"After the diverse, well acclaimed "Speak The Truth" EP in 2014 and the tracks still appearing in DJs sets to date the Austrian duo return to Demand Records with their brand new three track single. "Warman" kicks it all off, which is a dubbed out half step number with dancehall vocals - second to none. "Homeground" is more of typical affair for the pairing. A deep & hard stepper in kind of a DJ Hazard way, but still having their own flex. "Navarro" on the other hand is lovely, smooth & rolling with keys and strings that makes you like them again, if you didn't like the previous two. Once again RoyGreen & Protone show that their strength lies in their versatility which matches with Demand Records diverse output."