Global Journey

Dynamo / Peter van Hoesen / Samuli Kemppi

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 9th 2011


A1Berlin / Peter van Hoesen RemixDynamo remix Peter van Hoesen6:12
A2Berlin / Original MixDynamo5:48
B1Berlin / Samuli Kemppi RemixDynamo remix Samuli Kemppi6:05
B2Better DaysDynamo5:07

Once again another masterpiece from the Dynamic Reflection squad! This time it's from the young guns Dynamo with amazing remixes from the heavyweights Peter van Hoesen and Samuli Kemppi. Dynamo is a collaboration between Paul Boex and Marco Rane. The track 'Berlin' is influenced by the sound which is coming from this techno capital at the moment. There is so much good music coming from this city nowadays, so why not glorify this city? The Belgium monster Peter van Hoesen and the Scandinavian ice diver Samuli Kemppi are both taken the rework of 'Berlin' for their account. These guys are on top of their game at the moment and are truly dedicated to the sound that is coming from Berlin. Van Hoesen brings out an amazing dancefloor killer, which makes you want to bang your head against the wall, while Kemppi is going into the deep and brings us smooth rhythms and dark melodies. They both did an outstanding job on this EP, such as the guys from Dynamo did with the original! The last track on the B-side is called 'Better Days' which is reflected to these days that there is finally so much good music releasing. The track is kinda dubby with beautiful strings and melodies, perfect to get you into the groove. All 'n all a superior release by these young guns and remix heavyweights. Let's pray for more of this pure quality stuff and keep our eyes on the the future. The scene need more labels like this which reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come... Dynamic Reflection will represent only the true spirit of pure techno, they will put only the quality stuff back on the dancefloor!