Conspiracy EP

Deepbass & Ness

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 17th 2012


A1Flight 1037:00
B1Chemtrails (Smell The Conspiracy) Giorgio Gigli Variation10:52

Returning to Dynamic Reflection after their previous digital-only 'Distance' EP are Deepbass from the UK and Ness from Italy; this time around to drop their brand new 'Conspiracy' vinyl which contains two original tracks and a remix from fellow Italian Giorgio Gigli. Introducing the EP's sound and feel is 'Flight 103', an eerie title likely referring to the airplane code of the Pan Am flight involved in the Lockerbie incident in 1988. The accompanying track is a sinister, brooding whole built around an interplay of subtle sounds and echoes. Chills guaranteed with this one. Second on the EP is a track dubbed 'Chemtrails'; the idea of government control through the use of chemicals in aircraft trails. Deepbass and Ness quite vividly display a fondness of conspiratory thoughts and atmospheric, spacey techno. Continuing the vibe of the first track 'Chemtrails' invites the user to enter a strange, unknown state of consciousness pondering this intriguing theory while getting carried off on waves of distant and strangely soothing sounds. Dub-bomb spotted. Remixing 'Chemtrails' and completing the EP is Giorgi Gigli of Zooloft fame, whose re-envisioning is well over 10 minutes in length. This might be problematic for many a track or producer, but not so for Gigli. He manages to keep the original's feel, even add a bit of aggressiveness and morph it into a developing sum of its parts that keeps one firmly in its grip all they way through. Hats off.