Hear my Call / Electric Smile

Dom & Roland

Record label
Dom & Roland Productions
Catalog Number
DRP 003T
Release Date
June 26th 2006


A1Hear my Call
B1Electric Smile

A: HEAR MY CALL DOM & ROLAND This is the tribal track has been rinsed on plate by the likes of Pendulum, Dieselboy, Hive, Gridlok, Klute, and too many other top djs to mention. Dom has kept the essence very simple on this one, meticulously crafting instrumentation samples, courtesy of Asian Dub Foundation, into this deep drum and bass roller of gargantuan proportions. Bass riffs that bounce of each other under the powerful command of the searing vocals are all that is needed to hypnotise the listener into a delirious trance like state. AA: ELECTRIC SMILE DOM & ROLAND This is more of a drum and bass song than your average track. It has a distinctly old skool feel reminiscent of the Metalheads blue note era of the late 90s. It starts with magnificent piano chords and strings entwined with sultry yearning vocals. At the end of the second verse the song climaxes as you are plunged into the chorus-like drop of the tune. This features Doms largest bass sound yet to date, a catchy vocal hook and his trademark stepped amen push the song into its next phase. For the next verse, sounds take the place of vocals, further engrossing the listener, the chorus is then re-visited before the song ends as spectacularly as it begun. Even ya granny could appreciate this one.