Liquid Materia EP

Cliche Morph remix Claudio Prc

Record label
Deep Sound Channel
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 6th 2016


A1Liquid MateriaCliche Morph
A2Liquid MateriaCliche Morph remix Claudio Prc
B1Impulse Inside MechanismCliche Morph
B2Alternative SolutionCliche Morph

DSC is enjoying its most productive year to date, and its not even half way through. Cliche Morph is a mysterious new entity, debuting with Liquid Materia. The title track melts streams of melody, chords dissolve in currents as a steady thump tries to tame the sonorous swash. Claudio PRC, of Prologue fame, interprets the tides of the original. Aquatic ambience floods speaker as sounds are kept below the waves in a dream state. "Impulse Inside Mechanism" pulls you further into the haunted machinery of Cliche Morph. Wraithlike harmonies ache, ghosting between steady percussion for a work of palpable emotion. That tactile quality comes to the fore with "Alternative Solution." Rhythms are given extra girth, bass lines given extra room as strings swim before they soar. First run on purple black marbled vinyl.