Various Artsist

Record label
Deep Sound Channel
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 11th 2016


A2IO IceNajem Sworb
B14714Matt TDK
B2Reflecting SilhouettesModular Scapes

Four tracks of diverse and different techno make up Deep Sound Channel's first compilation. Past alumnus Tripeo returns with the hulking tribalism of "Raz." Breaks are built and rebuilt, demolished and razed in this gritty thumping workout. Najem Sworb, of Clone and AI fame, is up next with the warbling atmospherics of "Io Ice" before Matt TdK delivers the frigid and frosted "4714." The finale is a smouldering sign off. Jelle Groen, under his Modular Scapes alias, serves a brooding acid infused piece bathed in 90s IDM flows. Limited to 250 coloured copies in a printed sleeve.