Perestroyka Kids EP

Michael Random / Dj Hammond

Record label
Catalog Number
DTB 005
Release Date
September 28th 2009


A1Perestroyka KidsMichael Random6:32
A2Fuck The FaggotsMichael Random5:47
B1Heads On The WallDj Hammond6:16
B2Showdown In KievDj Hammond5:38

The history of it self stands for TECHNOlogical and social evolution. Human kind cannot cope with overload of commercial illusion and fake governmental hierarchy which naturally tightens peoples aura to bring worldwide brightness. This back-to-back vinyl release is produced by Michael Random from Russia and DJ Hammond from Hungary. 4 tracks groovy and hard as fuk; for DJ's who search for quality message. Datablender Records hope no one will be seriously offended or injured during playback of this record. Classic release.