Analog Dub Sessions - vinyl only

Frenk Dublin

Record label
Dub Communication
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 13th 2017


A1Voltage Controlled Dub4:41
B1Low Frequency Oscillation5:08

Dub Communication: A new label with a mission to push the sound of Dub music. Focussing on the more electronic variants from Dub Techno to the modern day Steppers. For the first release, DUBCOM001V, we have a 7" containing 2 tracks from Frenk Dublin. Founder of this new label aswell as the founder of Dubstep Rotterdam Records. 'Analog Dub Sessions' is where Frenk's music hits vinyl for the first time, while he's using analog synths to come up with some catchy, unique basslines. In both tracks the stepper riddim provides a solid groove, a deep 4 x 4 kickdrum, halftime phasing and reverbing snares, offbeat snares for a polyrhythmic feel and hihats for some steady top end while the chords and FX sounds are completing the mix and applying even more depth and texture. 2 unique sound system bangers!