Naib of the Seitch EP

DJ ESP a.k.a. Woody mc Bride

Record label
Catalog Number
DW 009
Release Date
March 19th 2007


A1Naib of the Seitch
A2Lyet Kynes
B1Garbage eater
B2Thumper run

DJ Esp Aka Woody McBride needs no introduction to the world of Techno a true master of the deep. A1: Naib Of The Seitch is a deep deep builder controlling all the frequencies with its Lucid tones and under bellied rhythms. A2: Classic Techno with a Capital T is Lyet Keynes: All the stabs and hits Pounding Through tight compression to bring the grove to a funk that any white spandex wearing funkster would be proud of. AA2: For all those that missed Garbage Eater on our 4 track sampler on Distant Drums part 3 we have stuck it on here for you ears to drool over once more. AA2: My personal favourite on this ep: Thumper Run takes no time in throwing you into the reverb driven world of Woody McBride. Tight analogue squelches filter in and out over the Track allowing the pads and percussion to breath gracefully throughout it 6 minutes of Existence.