Violence / Blackout

Teddy Killerz & Jade feat. 2shy

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 10th 2013


A1ViolenceTeddy Killerz5:13
B1BlackoutTeddy Killerz & Jade feat. 2shy4:39

In the drum and bass world, Jade is a name which needs little introduction. Having helped define the neurofunk sound during its development, Jade's Eatbrain imprint has earned its place amongst the top names in the game, serving as a consistent and carefully curated source for cutting edge drum & bass. As such, this next release features a duo poised for world domination in their Eatbrain debut - the Russian / Ukrainian heavyweights known as Teddy Killerz. Although the duo only took up the Teddy Killerz moniker last year, the two producers have already left an impressive mark on the global drum and bass scene under the names Place 2b and Paimon. With an massive release catalog under their belt, and a bold, aggressive new sound, Teddy Killerz continues their assault on dancefloors across the globe. Eatbrain welcomes Teddy Killerz to the fold. Teddy Killerz leads off with 'Violence', a driving concoction of upfront drums and sinister atmosphere. A percussive bassline beats relentlessly like a synthetic war drum, its malicious intent swelling and ebbing with surgical precision. Like a trained killer, 'Violence' offers listeners no sympathy. In a lethal collaborative effort, Teddy Killerz, Jade, and 2Shy MC keep the bloodbath going in 'Blackout'. Kicking off with a ghostly melody on keys, 2Shy's lyrical prowess ramps up and kicks things into overdrive, resulting in an all out frenzy of ruthless drums, twisted soundscapes and glitched out vocals. Once it begins the brutality doesn't stop, it's unabating nature taking on a hypnotic quality. Turning the light on won't protect you. Teddy Killerz turns to up-and-comers Mizo and Zendi on the third track, 'Bad Omen'. The trio brings us a standout collaboration already gaining support from some of the top names in neurofunk DNB. Dreary atmospherics ring with forbidding uncertainty, while razor sharp breaks set the pace. The grinding bassline drops, wailing dissonantly like an alarm, signaling the oncoming wreckage. Varying melodic elements, including a melancholy guitar solo, add a new layer of complexity to this aural weapon. Not for the faint of heart. Lastly, Teddy Killerz closes their Eatbrain debut with 'Jacob'. Straddling the line between the deep and dark, this stomper pairs a powerful swinging drums with a raspy bassline, bleak ambience with trippy FX. The concoction will throw you off balance in the most pleasing of ways. Skank to this.