006RMX [generic sleeve repress]

Falling Apart

Record label
Falling Apart
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 20th 2019


A1003B2 (Hector Oaks' Pressured F(P)unk Remix)Falling Apart remix Héctor Oaks5:37
A2Fourth FragmentFalling Apart remix Jonas Kopp5:59
B1003B1Falling Apart remix Leiras6:29
B2Second Fragment (Matrixxman Otherworld Mix)Falling Apart remix Matrixxman6:16

4 remixes created by my brothers from the hood. Hector "vinyl king" Oaks punishing with his bomb interpretation of fa003 B2. Jonas Kopp follows with his fourth fragment recreation, channeling some dark textures which force you deep into the void. The B-side starts with an expertly executed melancholic remix of fa003 B1 by my friend from tha Neukolln hood, Leiras. Last but not least my G Matrixxman bringing the fucking rave to downest levels of hell. falling apart is a record label based in the motherfucking hood of kreuzberg.