The Meaning / Grace Light

Mav / Krone & Xonora

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 3rd 2011


A1The MeaningMav / Krone & Xonora6:51
B1Grace LightMav7:06

MAV is an oldtimer on the Fokuz imprint with his last release from back in 2006. That was a banger though, called Ocean Phantom. Now dutch synth master Mav is back on track with a collab with Syndrome's Krone to add some neuro bass lines to the matter. Mav's signature style is detected straight from the intro, crazy synth sounds floating through the air. A creepy atmosphere is created, the ones who saw the movie 'Melancholia' should feel where this can lead to. On top of that KRONE adds his signature basslines and we have a deep neuro drum n bass tune that will appeal to both old skool Fokuz sound lovers and the Neuro dnb fans. The flip makes us go back to even earlier sounds. Reminiscence to the early releases on Fokuz from the likes of Gen, Drum Origins, J Laze and even Pete Rann. Let's go back!