Soul Booster

Command Strange

Record label
Fokuz Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 1st 2010


B1Rainbow In Your Hand
C1You Can't Touch This
D1Want You Back

After the grand success of Brother's 'Hidden Depths' LP last year & Madmen & Poets 'Scandinavian Sunday' early 2010 Fokuz stumbled upon another hidden talent. Hailing from a unusual place is Command Strange.. He is probably Kazakhstan's first dnb producer at the moment. Yet not bound by borders or boundaries it's the music what counts here at Fokuz and Command Strange is seriously one of those producers who you'll need to keep your eye on. That's why Fokuz proudly presents 'Soul Booster' which features a 15 track CD and a limited 2x12" double pack with 4 of the best tracks we couldn't leave out of any vinyl lovers collection. The A side is of course the title track 'Soul Booster' this dance floor track will boost anybody's spirits the moment its dropped.. Command Strange sets the tone perfectly for his debut album with this heavy roller. Turn it over for 'Rainbow In Your Hand' which is a sexy roller that's just to cool for school.. the deep bass line.. the halftime breakdown.. it all fits seamlessly like you heard this guy produce for ages.. Yet still keeping it fresh.. Lush.. Plate 2 contains 'You Can't Touch This'.. Command Strange takes the vibe down a bit for a vibing deep roller for those special moments.. If r&b could be d&b then this would be its slow jam.. For the last side we turn to 'Want You Back'.. one last time we crank it up a notch with some good ol rolling breakbeats and smooth piano touches.. A brilliant jazzy roller with a vibe like no other.. With this LP sampler Command Strange shows he's a man with many talents.. His sounds takes you all over the deeper side of dnb and back again.