Sour Impressions Ep

Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr

Record label
Frankie Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 2nd 2007


A1Discoteca Butt
B1Mind of its own

The well known producers Alexi Delano (Rompe, Plus 8) & Tony Rohr (Clink) teamed up for our pleasure and produce here in their 'Sour Impressions EP' 2 outstanding pieces of funky minimal techno A1 Discoteca Butt is an exciting bunch of quircky sounds and raw synth with an unpredictable way.. crazy and quite efficient on the floor with no doubt a Masterpiece! On the flip B1 Mind of its own combines heavy distorded raw synth loud kick sub bassline plenty of subtle bleepy sounds darky and weird.. great unpredictable atmosphere No more to say than Sour Impressions is absolut Must!