The Priest And The Beast EP

Raiden & Corrupt Souls

Record label
Freak Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 15th 2007


A1Wounds N PlasterCorrupt Souls
B1I Hate You Motherf**kersRaiden feat. GG Allin
C1Sage & SourCorrupt Souls

raiden and corrupt souls bring their first release to freak recordings the a side is buy corrupt souls with wounds & plaster the b side is raiden ft: gg. Allim called I hate you muther f**kers the c side is a joint project between raiden and corrupt souls entiltled sage & sour then for the last track raiden goes out on his own with medusa. this ep is not to looked over!! ATTENTION! THIS IS A MISPRESS, ALL FOUR TRACKS ON ONE 12. SPECIAL EDITION!!!