Guilty / Black Monday


Record label
Catalog Number
G-ILLA 005
Release Date
July 5th 2010


B1Black Monday

GUERILLA 05 12" Features non other than George Krakus aka KRUSHA 'Guilty' is one for the deep rooted soldiers. Epic strings and orchestra sweeps encompass wild roaring amens and rediculous glitches. And just when you thin its over .. the tune really works out the madness of Krusha's mind. he only thing this record is Guilty of is smashing it up. 'Black Monday' totally lets Krusha expirement with the industrial - hard metal edge found in alot of his earlier releases on label's such as Barcode & Obscene. The intro creeps in. Winding around like a whirlpool till it drops into haltime rickus of eachoes and bass squelches. Grinding metal riffs all the way thru this piece. Defintley one for the die hard Krusha fans.