Interceptor / Time Hole

Dean Rodell & Katharsys

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 15th 2010


A1Interceptor Dean Rodell & Katharsys6:15
B1Time HoleKatharsys5:25

Straight from New York City comes Guerilla Recordings. With the release of Black Ops perfectly timed, this could be considered as the unofficial Guerilla style soundtrack! Dean Rodell of Machine Code and Subsistenz fame teams up with man of the moment Katharsys. Katharsys made a statement with his recently released 'Zero Point / Cold Spot' on Habit Recordings. The 'Interceptor' starts off with a the hugely filtered breaks and beats Dean is known for. Soon the Katharsys trademarks are getting noticed and yes this is wicked team work here. Bassline rolls and the beats rattle on an on, like you are on the battlefield dodging all the hostile gunfire. The 'Timehole' on the flip is Katharsys entering the playground solo. Freaked out intro building the tension. The beats start rolling in and you feel the bassline sneaking up you.. Mayhem!