One Nation Over God EP

Technical Itch & Dylan

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 30th 2012


A1The Fountain of Youth Technical Itch & Dylan8:02
B1One Nation Over God Technical Itch & Dylan7:28

Technical Itch & Dylan are known for their uncompromising dark sound and heavy punishing breaks. Over the past decade Technical Itch & Dylan have done critically acclaimed remixes and collaborations that became known as staple tunes within the drum n bass culture and scene. Works such as 'Photek - Baltimore ( Tech Itch & Dylan Remix )' and 'The Legend' quickly were well received by all members of the drum n bass community from all parts of the world. Legendary is an understatement to describe the level of influence that Tech Itch & Dylan have had on many forms modern drum n bass. Technical Itch has been a pioneer of heavy, dense, hard & atmospheric drum n bass from 1996. He has released on various acclaimed labels such as Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, Penetration Recordings, and his own world renowned Tech Itch Recordings,. Technical Itch carved a special niche sound with long term collaborator and fellow king of the darkside Dylan. Dylan also has been released on a plethora of major drum n bass labels such as Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, his own Freak Recordings, and Technical Freaks Recordings (established with Tech Itch in 2004). Technical Itch & Dylan // The Fountain of Youth - Technical Itch & Dylan are kings of the darkside of drum n bass hands down. 'The Fountain of Youth 'is a memoir to solid straight laced rolling bangers. Filthy reeces and stacks of subs tremor through nonstop as this nasty bit makes its first entrance. Imperial atmospheric waves of sound surround the funky number killing dance floors internationally. This one is definitely for the true heads. Technical Itch & Dylan // One Nation Over God - Creeping & crawling breaks pay homage to the jungle amenage mentality at its best. There is a point to be realized about the 'freedom of religion' and how it also means 'freedom from religion' in America and various countries around the world. Tech Itch & Dylan build it up to a insane half-time menace session. The half-time business leads the listener into a dark entrapment of bass switch ups and amen fury. Switching around so cleverly, 'One Nation Over God' emanates the tone and power of samples exclaiming 'We are free to worship or not worship who we please in our private lives.'