Sunrise EP

Nuria Ghia

Record label
Globox Limited
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 11th 2011


A2Sunrise / Butane remixremix Butane7:12
B2Nuna / Someone Else remixremix Someone Else6:37

Nuria Ghia has entered the world of production solidly. After creating her own label BlueCube, the beautiful Catalan girl is welcome in our beloved Globox. Nuria loves electronic music, her experience in the booth amounts to 11 years, having played in the most important clubs in Spain. This path has led her to be nominated for The Best National DJ category of Minimal and Techno by Dj1 magazine and fill clubs and festivals in Spain and outside its borders. Recently she published on labels as important as Indipendente, Bondage and Young Society Neon Edition, and she has also released two eps on her own Bluebox imprint, with her teammate Jose Lucker. In this Sunrise ep, Nuria presents three original tracks, from the deep hypnotic techno vision, but with distinct variations in each track, which will undoubtedly get you hooked on at least one of the three cuts. NuNa! will wrap you with tribal touches and strategically added vocals. She combines hypnotism and force with different melodic notes being added in the progression of the track. Rolling counts on a speech that makes a perfect hook for the public. It is perhaps the most serious of the three, yet it is devastating when it enters the second bass. The track that gives the name to the ep, Sunrise, shows a more contemporary sound, with a very well-integrated snare in the loop that makes the track dance perfectly. In addition, notes from the synth give it the warmth needed to work very well with all the Groove. As for the remixes, Someone Else focuses on NuNa!, offering a highly effective percussion set, combined with various treatments of the original voices. Butane organizes a superloop using a short percussive roll that will make you move your head throughout the track. This will be added to a warm pad and some tiny percussion elements that hypnotize you on the dance floor. Butane himself says: 'I was twisting some knobs, and drinking a really nice glass of red wine... My cat was sitting on my lap, and it just happened'. In short, between the original and remixed tracks, we have a very solid launch for one of the best Spanish DJs.