Choke Hold / Exile


Record label
Ganja Tek
Catalog Number
GTEK 001
Release Date
June 12th 2006


A1Choke Hold

Do not be afraid, lie down put your feet up listen & understand, this is proper business, this is the shit. When Hype announced that he was opening a new wing on the Ganja HQ the message boards went bonkers and the beard strokers tutted with dismay. But here we have it the first release on Ganja Tek, the new imprint allowing those at players to indulge in the techy world that exists within the jungle fold. What a release it is, a completely new and undiscovered artist plucked from obscurity, world meet Prolix, Prolix meet fame. Both “Choke Hold” and “Exile” are the finest examples of what makes jungle techno work, and they without doubt keep up above the production bench mark set by the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire & State of Mind. If you like all that, you’ll love this… Do not under any circumstances write it off before you’ve heard it, otherwise you wont have the opportunity to be very pleasantly surprised.