Drastic / Dying Star

DJ Hidden

Record label
Hidden Tracks
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 12th 2011


B1Dying Star6:46

The second release on Hidden Tracks by DJ Hidden continues to stretch boundaries and explore pathways of what might not even really be drum & bass. Drastic, the first track on this release, is as much a statement to that fact as it is an entire DJ set condensed to just a little over 6 minutes. It takes you from classic ambient sounds to modern high-tech dubstep to intensely energetic drum & bass, and just when think it couldn't really get any more diverse it effortlessly goes into 200 BPM crossbreed overdrive. Dying Star on the flip actually manages to find and touch ground that Drastic left untouched: beautiful arps combined with aggressive dubstep basslines and hard as nails kicks and snaredrums from the master. Not to be missed.