Bazar Inflagranti

Heinrich & Hirtenfeller

Record label
Highgrade Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 16th 2008


A1Bazar inflagranti

A doublepack of musical energy: After their EPs each on Highgrade and Highgrade Digital and their highly anticipated contribution to the Highgrade anniversary compilation Heinreichs and Hirtenfellner go for the number 51. With Bazar inflagranti on the a-side they show courage for strong contrasts: they mix a pushing bassline in the background, staccato-like vocals and some arabesque ingredients to a wild mixture, the result works surprisingly well. This one will meet the dancers taste, come hell or high water. On the flipside with Delayed they let the bleeps circle around seasoned to taste artfully. Creating an irresistible groove build from weird vocalcuts, discreet chords and dubby sounds. This ones a la carte!