Storm EP


Record label
Hollow Point Recordings
Catalog Number
HPR 002
Release Date
April 14th 2009


B1A Storm In My Heart
B2The Abyss

SPL's dubstep imprint Hollowpoint returns with a destructive 12 thats just to hot to handle. SPL steps up himself to deliver an EP beyond anything that dubstep has done the last couple of years.. get ready for the STORM EP. Cobalt is first in line and this one is a room shaker.. dont be suprised when lamps are falling from the ceiling.. An epic stomper thats nothing compared to anything you've heard before.. Quagmire is second in line (giggedy giggedy) a sluggish funk driving bassline stabbing away at the dancefloor is what makes tune so addicting. alllriiiight The flip holds the title track Storm in my Heart.. and WHOA.. this one sees Mr Pool at his best. Top notch beats and a eerie vibe that will make any emo kid cry out for its mummy. the EP ends with Abyss, a basic stomper yet horribly effective on the dancefloor. chopped up jungle breaks combined with a heafty beat and a sub layer that'll rattle anybodies chest!