Phonology E.P.


Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 4th 2015



After starting up the infamous Invite's Choice podcast series in 2011, Tim van Paradijs (a.k.a. Invite) notes that the time feels right to contribute to the techno scene in a totally different way. The long cherished wish of starting up a recordlabel under the Invite moniker and thus propagating his view on electonic music is now to be fulfilled. Phonology is a deep and droning track which lends itself perfectly for building tension. Plenary is a more repetitive track with less of a deep vibe than the A-side track, but nonetheless is a track that manages to form a bridge between deep tracks and more straight forward ones. The EP is concluded by a short, funky and frivolous track dubbed Bisonspoor. All together the first Invite's Choice Records EP is a very versatile and thought through record with three tracks that stand alone and somehow still manage to form one entity.