Strange Science EP

Jeroen Search / Adam Craft / Endlec / TNTUS

Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 11th 2017


A1Axial TiltJeroen Search6:21
A2EpoqueAdam Craft7:03
B2Jupiter 968TNTUS6:11

Invite's Choice Records starts 2016 with a bang and releases another 4-track EP with 4 different tracks by 4 great artists. Jeroen Search has the honour of opening the EP with a four to the floor track which gets you with it's sporadic melodramatic sting. Perfect for switching between the more deeper and more straightforward parts of your set. Adam Craft continues with a loop-track which is built around it's powerful and deep bass. Thessaloniki based Endlec is responsible for the first track of the B-side and comes up with a track dominated by it's percussive yet simple drive and a synthy vibe which, together with it's short length, draws you in and sends you off in another direction quite soon. TNTUS closes the EP with a track that fits Invite's style quite well; a drumcomputer-driven track complimented with a chaotic, repetitive synth: madness guaranteed! Another great release by this upcoming label indeed!