Compact Signal EP

Drafted / Nima Khak / Qindek / Pascual

Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 17th 2016


A2The Work OutNima Khak5:46
B1Mars OneQindek6:42

Invite's choice continues with a coherent and versatile 4-track EP showcasing hypnotising techno. Drafted has the honour of opening up the EP and does that with 'Isolator'- a 4-to-the-floor track dominated by the low-end. Nima Khak then takes over on the A-side with 'The Work Out', a stripped down and tension building track with droning percussive elements which suck you in right away. Qindek's input is found when flipping over the record and continues the hypnotic previous tracks whilst depending on an ever-evolving synth-sequence, yet this track makes a more aggressive impression due to the straight forward and present kick and percussion sequences. Pascual closes the 7th output of Invites Choice with a powerful and overwhelming track which conveys a lot of energy. The long stretched, slowly filtered effects and dominating shakers make for a repetitive closing of this EP. The four different artist on this EP take us on a tour through minimalistic modern-day techno's versatile approach on stripped-down techno and stand firm combined!