Dynamic Composition EP

Eric Fetcher

Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 9th 2017


B1Deep Blue
B2Cray Blitz

Eric Fetcher has been given the honour of contributing to Invite's Choice and does so with a four-track banger for it's ninth output. Kaissa s neurotic synth and wobbly bass combined with it s forceful hi-hat open this EP in a stripped-down fashion, which makes it perfect to build tension and make transitions in any dirfections while mixing. Mephisto continues on the path chosen with coherent and hypnotising synthesis, whilst keeping a funky kind of feel due to the very present kick and hi-hats, yet has a darker feel to it. Deep Blue on the B-side is a more four-to-the-flour track with a rousing synth and banging hi-hat, perfect for lifting up a crowd! Cray Blitz combines hypnotising bleep-like sounds and a mind-blowing string with droning low-end sounds. Hypnotising like the other tracks - but with more drive - this EP is closed down. Eric Fetcher showcases his take on techno which fits perfectly between both modern day and oldschool techno!