Unspoken Voices EP

Border One

Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 22nd 2017



The tenth output of Invite s Choice records is another hard hitting banger made by Border One. Drumrim s straightforward four to the floor kick is accompanied by a hard hitting bass and a repetitive leadsound that evolves throughout the track. The overdriven hihats and rides combine well with the panicky sound. Diffuse goes along with the flow set by the A1 track, yet has a bit more percussive feel to it due to the toms added. Hatchet on the B-side provides an aggressive kick and percussive elements. The sound evolves around one overdriven synth sound that drains you in to the track. Perfect for fast transitions while mixing. Copylust ends the EP a bit slower BPM wise, but emits the same energy as the previous tracks. Straight-forward, hypnotising, hard hitting contemporary techno. Another great showcase of the talent harvested by Invite s Choice