Ginza Line EP


Record label
Invite's Choice Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 2nd 2018



The eleventh output of Invite's Choice is compiled by label head Invite himself once again. Inaricho's heavy bass grabs a hold of you right at the beginning of the track and doesn't let go. The effect sounds, topped with lots of reverb, add up to the dark sound. Kanda on the B-side starts out as a proper loop techno track that feels like a UK track from days gone by. Right in the middle the loop is broken by an eerie synth-sound that captivates the listeners attention. Kyobashi on B2 ends this EP with lots of attention for effects and a thrusting and pounding kickdrum. There is a lot of attention put on the percussive elements as well, which makes it the perfect pick for any dark basement.