V/A One

Various Artists

Record label
Interstate Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 17th 2017


A1Forget About HerGlós6:33
A2Hard EducationHedrome6:50
B1EdgeDial Tone4:34
B2LichterInhalt Der Nacht5:34
B3EqualityMental Resonance6:22

Interstate Records is a newborn independent record label based between London and Berlin. It's run by the up-and-coming duo Dial Tone and aims to provide a vibrant and diverse platform for emerging and established artists within the Techno scene, whilst occasionally touching upon Ambient and other experimental music spheres. All records will be released on vinyl and digital. As an introduction, the label has put together a release, comprised of some of the scene's most promising artists. Stretching from heart-melting deepness to pure club- functionality, this V/A aims to highlight the different directions ahead, as the label continues to evolve. Based in Berlin, Glos' music has gained recognition for connecting 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' without leaving 'today' aside. There couldn t be a better start for Interstate. Hedrome is a German brother-duo who made some serious waves since launching their own imprint Blanksheet. 'Hard Education' forms their first appearance on an external label and clearly continues their mission. After a release on Emmanuel's ARTS label, Dial Tone, from now on, take things into their own hands. 'Edge' and 'Echoes' can be seen as a foretaste of what is to come. Inhalt Der Nacht, also known as Escape To Mars, is a core member of the Modul Crew. With highly recognized releases on Vault Series and Dynamic Reflections, he is definitely on the rise. This can also be said about Mental Resonance. With releases on Pole Group or Dyad, the Argentinian is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting Techno exports from South America. 'Equality' shows his emotionally-subtle side and sets an ideal endpoint for this V/A.