Jason's mask vol. 4

Jason Little vs. kaoz

Record label
Jason's Mask
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 19th 2008


A1Pure EvilJason Little
A2Better TomorrowJason Little vs. kaoz
B1Melancholy MelodyJason Little vs. kaoz
B2Melancholy MelodyJason Little vs. kaoz remix Dj Hammond

With big names like Dj Rush and Pet Duo on previous releases of Jason Little's label 'Jason's Mask', the label already found a solid spot between the quality labels of the harder techno sound.. On this next release Jason Little drops a track 'Pure Evil' on A1 and he teamed up with Kaoz for 'Better Tomorrow' on A2 and 'Melacholy Melody' on B1. 'Melacholy Melody' was splendidly remixed by Dj Hammond for B2. definetely a must have for those who like it rough!